Doan Solutions | Post-College Financial Planning
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Post-College Financial Planning



If you’re a local or national seminar speaker who sells products or services in the back of the room, we can help you drive up your seat count and profits. We’re talking about highly targeted and qualified individuals that not only want to hear what you have to say, but have the highest chance at purchasing a product, coaching, a service, or your next high-ticket seminar in the back of the room.

Our service truly saves you time and money and offers the highest chances for you to fill your room – and then some. You can use us one-time, or every time that you host a live event or seminar. And unlike other live event and seminar marketing companies, we have zero long-term contracts or commitments.


Job Placement

In today’s marketplace, it’s easy to believe that all professional staffing agencies and recruiting services firms are alike. They’re not. We’re eager to show you why it pays to work with Doan Solutions fresh out of college or as an experienced worker

Our clients look forward to working with our exceptional recruiting staff, knowing that our customer service standards can’t be beat. They rely on our ability to provide exceptional recruitment services and pinpoint the right staffing solutions and candidates for their companies – quickly and affordably. Why? Integrity. It’s one of the driving forces behind our core values and one of many reasons our client relationships last for years.


Interview Training

When you finally land that interview for your dream job, you want to be sure that you walk into that room feeling prepared and confident. Schedule a practice interview and coaching session so that you’ll be polished and self-assured for your meeting. Because you may not have a lot of time to prepare, we’ve designed a focused interview prep session to help get you interview-ready in 90 minutes.

Our session will include a mock interview, an interview debrief, coaching on talking points and interview style, and a second mock interview so you can apply what you’ve learned. You’ll send your resume and the job description in advance so we can dive right in and use all 90 minutes to turn you into a lean, mean interviewing machine.


401k Strategies

An individual retirement account is a crucial part of building your retirement savings. You want to choose an IRA provider that offers a wide selection of low-cost investment options and won’t eat into your savings with extra fees.

Whether you’re opening your first IRA, using old 401(k) money to fund a rollover IRA or looking to transfer your existing IRA to a new broker, we’ve evaluated the options and selected the best traditional IRA account providers by category. The brokers and robo-advisors listed below have reasonable account minimums, low fees, strong customer service and an impressive investment selection. In most cases, that means a number of no-transaction-fee (NTF) mutual funds and commission-free exchange-traded funds (ETFs), both of which can be purchased at no cost.


Student Finance Management

Student financial problems are unlike any other problems. The consequences of not maintaining your financial affairs go far beyond bad credit and harassing calls from bill collectors.

Once a person’s financial obligations go into default they can have their wages garnished or income tax returns offset. So often borrowers feel that they are being held hostage by their financial defaults. We are able to enroll those same borrowers into programs designed to provide much needed help and provide permanent solutions to their financial concerns.