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Income Tax Preparation

Stress is an inescapable fact of everyday life, but the good news is that there are ways to reduce it. The perfect example would be hiring a competent, experienced tax preparer. For many people, tax preparation time can be filled with worries about whether their income tax returns contain any errors, omissions, or “red flags” that might trigger a tax audit by the IRS. The more complicated one’s tax return is, the more chances there are for making mistakes or missing opportunities to save money.

Considering all the potential deductions, tax credits, and yearly tax law changes that need to be factored into an annual tax return, it’s good financial judgement to hire a tax preparation specialist to handle your tax return and guide you through the often confusing maze of choices. Hiring a seasoned, reasonably priced CPA gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you’re being helped by a highly trained tax preparation professional.


Make sure you’re outsourcing your bookkeeping services to a firm you can trust. At Doan Solutions, our team includes talented accounting professionals with years of experience in the field. They take the time to get to know your business and are committed to applying their expertise to help you grow and succeed.

As a small business owner, every dollar counts. So we’ll work with you to set a budget for our services, with a focus on maximizing efficiencies and cost predictability. We can scale up or down based on your changing demands, charge no minimums for our services and bill only for the actual time spent addressing your needs.

Tax Deduction Strategies

At Doan Solutions we create personalized tax strategies for each of our clients. A Doan Solutions Tax Strategy ensures you are paying the least amount of tax allowable by law, regardless of your business or investment situation.

We begin by paying close attention to your personal and financial goals and dreams. Then we carefully analyze your current business and investments to uncover deductions and other permanent tax saving opportunities. We devise a flexible entity structure and tax plan that will serve as the basis for tax savings for the rest of your life.

We teach you everything you need to do to make sure your plan works for you. We will work with your bookkeeper or controller to make sure income and expenses are properly classified and documented for the IRS. And we will work closely with other members of your financial team, including your attorney and your investment advisor, to help them understand their role in your tax strategy.