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Our team of dedicated professionals have your best interest in mind when preparing your documents. Whether it’s filling for your income tax return, choosing a 401(k) strategy, creating an attractive resume, providing you with student financial management advice or one of our other services. We’re committed to helping you with all the stress that comes with these tasks. Your time is valuable so spend it on the things and people you love. Let Doan Solutions worry about the tediousness of preparing your business and personal matters for the next level.

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Demand for professional services continues to grow as companies turn to outside providers for expertise, tools, methodologies and on-demand talent to meet the challenges of an increasingly complex business environment and focus on their core competencies. Growing demand increases competition and leaders of business services companies are seeking to stay ahead by innovating across their organizations.  Often these innovations includes how they use technology to manage customer relationships and leveraging data and analytics to enhance their understanding of customers, pipeline and the solutions they deliver.  Successful organizations drive these innovations to enhance their reputations and seize market share.


Doan Solutions provides a full range of accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, outsourcing, payroll and business services, either in your facility or at our location. We can provide qualified accounting professionals who can ensure that your financial records are maintained correctly and accurately. Our bookkeepers can also assist in setting up and training your staff on the financial systems that you might be using or installing, such as QuickBooks or other legacy systems.


College financial planning can seem overwhelming, which is why the most well-intentioned parents put off saving for college until much later in their child(ren)’s life. At Doan Solutions, we help demystify the college savings process and work with you to better understand the best long-term savings plan for you or your family’s needs. Then we get you started on a solid investment plan, so you won’t be up nights worrying about how you are going to pay for you or your child(ren)’s college expenses.

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